Barn Burner BBQ 2015 Competition in Chilliwack, BC

• Brought to you by Johnston’s Pork & Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry •

The Barn Burner BBQ is Chilliwack’s tastiest community event. This is a fully sanctioned BBQ competition! It is expected to attract thousands of barbeque fans who will show up to droves to taste the barbeque samples, check out the exhibitors and soak up the entertainment.

Attendees range in age from 1-100 years old and will come from all over the Lower Mainland to attend this event. There’s no other local event that sizzles quite like the BARN BURNER BBQ!

2 thoughts on “Barn Burner BBQ 2015 Competition in Chilliwack, BC”

  1. I’ll be in Chilliwack when this is on and am so looking forward to being there for this BBQ competition. I can’t find any times for us to be there on March 22 though Is it hidden in one of the other areas??
    thanks and good luck to all competitors

    1. Hey Val, We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 22nd. The event runs from 11-5PM, but we appreciate your feedback. We’ll make this information more front and centre so that everyone can easily find it. Thanks again for reaching out!

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