Parking will be available on site near the event grounds for the first time this year. We will be providing handicap parking as well. There will be a 2 free shuttles will be going to and from Yarrow Alliance Church parking lot (after 12:30pm) and event location to help get you to the event site. Shuttle points and parking will be clearly marked with signs as you approach the event!

Additional parking will be available in downtown Yarrow, along Yarrow Central Road and at Yarrow Alliance Church (after 12:30) and at Yarrow MB Church (after 12:30).  The second shuttle will loop to downtown Yarrow stopping at least at the two churches.  A third pick-up point will be added, so stay tuned!

Simmons and Lumsden Roads will be one way with parking in the right lane and travel in the left.  One of our shuttle buses will make a loop to pick up / drop off.