Barn Burner Cancelled for 2022

It’s a real bummer, but we’ve had to cancel our upcoming Barn Burner BBQ. Why, you ask? Not enough official teams are available.

Over the pandemic, a lot of teams disbanded, got into other interests, and some teams aren’t comfortable committing to our BBQ because they’d have to cross the border (and with Covid, borders are unpredictable these days). We couldn’t get enough teams signed up.

While this year is a bust, we have every intention of coming back with Barn Burner 2023. Stand by for further info. We can’t wait to fire up the BBQ again in the future.

Barn Burner is a fundraising and BBQ event, and so we still encourage you to donate to RAN Mission to support their work helping people in Chilliwack who are living with poverty and homeless.

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